Garnier Moisture Match Shine Be Gone Mattifying Fresh Cream Review

I have a really difficult time with moisturisers. I’ve never found one I love and I’ve so many mixed things about moisturiser. Some say moisturiser is the most important skincare product and others say it’s important but serum is more important because it has a thinner consistency and can therefore do more for the skin. I think I’m somewhere between the two, moisturiser is important but I’m not going spend a huge amount of money on it.

Mattifying moisturisers can be a little bit hit or miss, good ones are generally quite expensive so I’m always on the lookout for a high street alternative.
Moisture Match has five different moisturisers for all types of skin:

Shine Be Gone – oily/combination

Goodbye Dry – dry

Start Afresh – normal/dry

Wake Me Up – dullness, I tried a sample of this and it has a very light texture but sill hydrating so it would probably suit all skin types

Protect and Glow – normal skin

I bought the one designed for oily skin, it’s a whipped formula, according to the tube, and I think you can tell the difference between this and other oily skin moisturisers – it’s incredibly light and absorbs quicker than most others. I found it really does hydrate my skin without being too heavy or leaving a tackiness. It has a lovely fresh cucumber smell and the tube is very travel friendly. I really like the range, I think for the price, the quality is very good and going by Shine Be Gone, they live up to their claims.

Its £5.99 (currently £3.99 in Superdrug), I think this is a great moisturiser for someone who wants something super light and mattifying.

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