Daniel Sandler Retexturising Face Primer

I don’t use a primer everyday because I think it’s just one step too many but if I need my makeup look good all day, I tend to use a primer.

This primer claims to fill in fine lines and pores, keep skin matte and help improve the longevity of make up. I can honestly say, it does everything it claims.

I only apply a thin layer on my T-Zone and at the sides of my nose because this is where I get oily and where my pores are enlarged. I found it completely masked my pores and helped my foundation to glide over the area without emphasising them. I purposely used the primer with a foundation which doesn’t last on my skin and can sometimes settle in odd places to see if it really did help with make-up longevity and it did. With the foundation in question, it only really lasts for about four hours on me before it starts to slip off but with this, it lasted for an amazing nine hours. I also used it as an eye primer and it really helps to so stop eyeshadow from creasing.

I think is one of the best primers I’ve tried because I’ve found a lot of them don’t really do anything but this one lives up to all of its claims and I think it will last for quite a while because you only need to use a tiny amount to get results.