Philip Kingsley Handbag Hairbrush and Case Review


Hairbrushes are odd things to get excited about but when I seen this, I was overjoyed.

I need to carry around a hair brush because my hair gets tangled but I don’t have space to carry around a bulky paddle brush and the little brushes you can buy that sort of flip into themselves to become a cicle or rectangle shape are pretty useless.

This brush is a perfect size for on the go and it comes in a black case to keep it clean and keep the bristles straight. I was looking for a brush that came with a case or cover because brushes get ruined floating around a bag, Tangle Teezer do a mini version with a cover over the bristles but it has a tendency to fall off.


I really like the Philip Kingsley brushes because they are designed to keep your hair in your head and they kinda glide through my hair, I know the Mason Pearson brushes have legions of fans but I prefer the Philip Kingsley range.

philip kingsley brush