Skin Undertones – Pink or Yellow, Cool or Warm

Firstly pink undertones in skin tone is cool and yellow undertones are warm. Thats the easy bit.

When buying a foundation, you probably notice it can look a little too yellow on some skin tones, this is because many foundation lean towards being warmer because yellow tones is supposedly more common and in theory is the most flattering.

To figure out whether your cool or warm, there are some methods:

  • If your veins in your wrist are more green coloured then you are likely to be cool and if they’re blue then you’re warm (this is good guideline, but like everything else, they’re can be exceptions).
  • Cool toned skin tends to burn easy, warm tones tan easier.

Bobbi Brown foundations only have yellow undertones because their belief is yellow undertones are more flattering, I don’t believe this because out of all of the foundations I have been matched to, I can instantly tell if a foundation is too yellow, I think you should get a foundation which also has the right undertone. MAC do tons of foundation and they are all designed to match with the undertone as well as the shade of your skin. Liz Earle’s foundation also leans to being more yellow toned, as do, Bourjois. YSL Teint Touche Eclat foundation do a yellow, pink and neutral line of colours. The L’Oreal foundations have a similar concept.