Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers

     curlers 2

These are simply the best eyelash curlers and I’ve tried virtually every set on the market. I have a super straight eyelashes, in fact they are so straight they point downward and no other set of curlers has ever been able to give any kind of curl.

These give the best curl, my lashes are quite long and these give a proper curl from root to tip. On other people the curl can last all day but on me it does tend to fall after a few hours but I’m still happy because they are the only set to curl at all.

They are £20 and I know it seems like a lot of money for eyelash curlers when you can get a set in Superdrug for £3 but these do work and they last forever (in the box, you get a spare silicone pad) and because of the Japanese design, they have a more rounded edge, which makes the curl more natural looking (the cheaper ones, can be more squared, which looks steppy and odd). The best way to use them is before mascara and holding at the root and gently squeezing the grippers for about 15 seconds, less if your lashes curl easy. If you have long lashes you might need to move the curlers along the lashes to make the curl go to the tip (if your lashes are long and just curled at the root, it can look like they’ve been lifted but not curled).

Avialable from House of Fraser.