Jo Loves Gardenia

I love Jo Malone fragrances, both Jo Malone and Jo Loves gets an incredible amount of press and for good reason, they’re just gorgeous. I really love single-note perfumes and simplicity of them but sometimes they don’t smell true to the ingredients, this is never the case with any of Jo Malone’s fragrances.

Gardenia is one of my favourite perfume ingredients, it obviously smells floral but its not overly sweet.

Jo Loves Gardenia has top notes of Italian bergamot and gardenia leaves, the heart notes are ylang, ylang, gardenia blossom, white narcissus, sambac jasmine and coumarin and finally the base notes are heliotrope and musk. I personally can only smell gardenia, which I really like, its a pure, simple scent which smells opulent and luxurious. The scent settles to be quite soft but still noticeable. Its not the most long-lasting perfume I’ve ever used but I’ve never found a gardenia perfume to last very long on the skin, so I would invest in a travelo, to top up the smell during the day and night.

Its available from Jo Loves and is £45 for 30ml and £95 for 100ml, it is quite expensive compared to a lot of mass market perfumes but you can depend of Jo Malone perfumes to use the best ingredients, so you know you’re paying for quality.

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