Soap And Glory Hand Maid

soap and glory hand maid antibacterial cleansing gel my beauty notes blog review uk

Hand sanitizer is hand sanitizer, there’s not much you can say about it but there is one special thing I can say about Hand Maid, it smells amazing! Most hand sanitizer have an overwhelming alcohol smell, even the scented Body Shop smell chemically (they actually make me feel sick after a while!), however, this smells just like Soap and Glory’s Hand Food. I think in the UK, we haven’t developed hand sanitizer like the States, in Bath and Body Works you can get a hundred and one scents but we don’t have that in the UK, so I think British companies need to join in the scented hand sanitizer phenomena.

One thought on “Soap And Glory Hand Maid

  1. I cannot find one hand sanitiser that doesn’t have the overwhelming alcohol scent … Unfortunately I don’t live in the UK but hopefully I will go there very soon! 😉

    Alice x {My Beauty Blog}

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