Garnier Ambre Solaire Sensitive Advanced Face & Neck Very High SPF50+

Now its beginning to look like spring, its time to look at proper sun care. I wear sunscreen all year round, usually SPF15 in moisturisers and make-up but as soon as it becomes sunny, I immediately start wearing sunscreen which is a minimum of SPF30 because I’m ridiculously pale and burn easy.

Facial sunscreens are generally quite expensive because usually you’re layering make-up over it, so it has to sit well under foundation etc. but I have the principle of, I want to protect my skin for the present e.g. not burning and for the future e.g. aging and skin cancer, so safety is  my main concern. However, saying that, I want a sunscreen I can wear a bit of make-up over.

This Garnier is my favourite high street sunscreen for many reasons. I’m pretty sensitive to the sun, I don’t like spending time in the sun because it makes me feel ill and I burn, so the summer isn’t my favourite season (I know I’m the minority), this is designed for fair, sensitive and sun intolerant skin, its became my saviour. It stops me burning, I have never burnt when I’ve used this, I now use it pretty regularly in the summer. If you apply it and massage it in well, it provides an ok base for make-up, it does look shiny (I do have combination skin) but it doesn’t bobble up and flake off but it does shorten the longevity of make-up but it doesn’t give that white appearance to the skin. Its £12.99 which is a good price considering its for sensitive skin and its SPF50+ and protects against UVA/UVB rays.

Its currently half price in Boots, I’m stocking up for the summer ahead, if we get one!


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