Liz Earle Botanical Essence No. 100

Liz Earle is one of my favourite brands but I’ll bore you anymore with my love of the brand anymore. The Liz Earle fragrances often get overlooked and they shouldn’t, they smell gorgeous.

The first fragrance, Botanical Essence No. 1 was fruity and zesty, No. 15 was more musky and suited to evening wear and the latest one is a beautiful floral.

Floral fragrances are my favourite, I’m not a fan of heavy scents, I like light, feminine floral perfumes.

No. 100 was formulated by Alienor Massnet and was developed in partnership with the Royal Horticultural Society for the 100 year anniversary of the Chelsea Flower Show. I think the partnership has produced a fragrance which smells just like the Chelsea Flower Show, it’s like a flower garden in a bottle. It’s divine.

The top notes Damask Rose, Orange Flower, Indian Jasmine, the heart notes are Cypress, Sandalwood and Bourbon Vanilla and the base notes are Mandarin and Bergamot. On me it smells like roses but a grown up, feminine smell not like the cheap perfume. I’m not a fan of vanilla in perfume because I think it makes the smell too sweet and sickly but I can’t smell the vanilla, its more woody. The sillage is very good, it lasts well on my skin and fades away to nothing after about five hours, which on me is brilliant. I like it fades to nothing, some floral fragrances can leave behind a stale smell when they have evaporated.

A tiny note on the packaging, the bottle is similar to the other two fragrances, very simple and classic in design. I really love the box it comes in, I like the bands of flowers with the white stripes, it looks lovely on my dressing table.

Overall, I really love the perfume and I’m delighted Liz Earle has branched into floral fragrances. Also if you buy any of the fragrances this month, you will get free delivery on the Liz Earle website.


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