Clinique CC Cream

CC Creams are fast becoming the biggest thing in the beauty industry like their predecessor, I’m not a huge fan but Clinique’s offering has had a huge buzz around it so I couldn’t avoid trying it.

I’m going to predict this will be the best CC Cream to hit the UK market, I think the cheap ones are nothing and the creams going down the “one colour suits all” route, are my nemesis.

This CC cream is part of the Moisture Surge range of which I am a fan. It’s designed to hydrate the skin, correct colour changes in the skin tone and provide sun protection.

I think this lives up to claims on the tube, it cancels out redness completely and neutralises yellowness and general dullness. The website says this has sheer to moderate coverage, I would put it firmly in the medium coverage category, I found I needed no concealer for blemishes and other imperfections. It does feel lightweight, it doesn’t feel like a thick layer of make-up. It does last pretty well on the skin, I did get a little shiny on my T-zone after about five hours, which is pretty good for me (I had no primer and I didn’t powder in the morning). It’s very hydrating, I have oily but dehydrated skin and I could use this without a moisturiser and my skin didn’t feel thirsty.

In terms of colour choice, it comes in six shades which is better than most CC cream, the lightest shade is Very Light. It’s not a perfect match for me, it is slightly too yellow and a tiny bit too dark, but if I use a small amount and blend it, I can just about make it work. I found the best way to apply it was a tiny bit at time because a little really does go a long way (I know people say this about nearly everything, but its true when it comes to this), its very pigmented and you will use less than you think.

In terms of finish, it leaves the skin with a very healthy appearance and it’s quite dewy but with a tiny bit of powder the glow is gone.

I doubt I’ll ever buy this because there isn’t a shade that matches me perfectly but it’s a really good product and I would recommend it.

Available from all Clinique stockists and the website.


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