Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

real techniques experrt face brushI’m a huge fan of Real Techniques make up brushes, like everyone else. The quality of the brushes are brilliant and the price is pretty good too.

I’ve been the Expert Face brush to apply foundation for quite a while and I love it, I bought a second one to keep in my bag. I use it every morning to apply either foundation or tinted moisturiser (I’m not a massive fan of using my fingers) and to blend in foundation or correct cream blusher. I wanted a second one to carry around with me because I only carry a little pot of foundation in case of make-up emergencies and heap of concealers and this brush will just help perfect everything on the go.

Sometimes during the day make-up can start to look patchy or just generally a bit tired so I like to apply concealer to the areas which need a helping hand (around the nose, blemishes and dark circles) and quickly blend with the brush.

The brush is made from synthetic fibres which means it doesn’t soak up product and it’s very easy to clean and quick to dry. The bristles are tightly packed which means foundation just disappears into the skin for a completely flawless finish.


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