Clarins BB Cream in Light

I’m a massive fan of Clarins, I think they’re a really good all round brand and I’ve never been really disappointed by any of their products. BB Creams, on the other hand, I’m not a fan and I have a lengthy list of problems with BB Creams but I won’t go into that again, but when Clarins released their take on the beauty craze, I went straight to a counter to try it.

I like the concept of this one, it has broad spectrum protection and SPF25 and it’s designed to brighten the skin with light to medium coverage. The shade range is very limited, it comes in three shades Light, Medium and Dark and all of the shades are at the darker end of the spectrum. I tried Light and it wasn’t pale enough for me but I am very pale and many BB creams aren’t pale enough. The coverage is definitely light to medium, it evens out skin tone and covers very minor imperfections but it doesn’t cover severe redness or blemishes. I feel the formula is a little greasy and oily but I do have combination skin with an oily t-zone so it could just be my skin type wasn’t suited to this formula. I like the texture of this BB cream, it’s similar to a tinted moisturiser, it’s not gloopy like BB creams. In terms of longevity, it seemed to slide right off my skin because it was a little too oily.

Overall, I don’t this was suited to my skin type but go to a counter to see if it will work for you.

It’s £28 and available from Clarins counters and the website,en_GB,pd.html


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