Body Shop Wild Rose Nourishing Hand Butter

As the last few posts I’ve shown, I’m going through a bit of a Body Shop phase, I forgot how good their products are.

I’ve got the Rose Hand Cream and I really like it, it’s not greasy or sticky but it’s very moisturising and hydrating (I’ve done a full post on it). There is also a hand butter in the range, which is a more intense.

It smells lovely, the smell was the reason I bought it. The texture is thicker than a normal hand cream, it has a similar consistency to a body butter but it is slightly lighter. It’s targeted at mature skins but I wanted it just for the scent and my hands aren’t showing the signs of aging so I can’t say if it helps with improving the appearance of mature skin. I use at night before bed because it’s too thick to use as a regular hand cream and it takes a while to sink it. When I’ve used this my hands have felt really soft and hydrated the next morning and I’ve noticed I hardly need to use hand cream during the day.

Overall, I really like it and I would recommend it, if you need a proper, heavy duty hand cream but it’s super moisturising.

It’s available from The Body Shop and the website, it’s £11 but there’s currently 30% off.

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