Beauty Box Breakdown

Beauty boxes are a bit love/hate. I really beauty boxes because it gives you an opportunity to try new products or some classic in mini or sometimes full sizes, which you mightn’t have tried without the box. I understand people who find them a waste of money – paying around £10 for products you might not like when you could put the money towards something you really want – but I think they’re great. There’s are few beauty boxes on the market and it can be difficult to decide what subscription is for you, so here is my breakdown of the beauty boxes on the market. I really love beauty boxes because I really love samples and mini sizes of products.

Souk Souk

This is one of the newer boxes on the market and I really like the concept, it’s an entirely “green” beauty box and it comes with a little magazine. All of the products included in the box are organic and natural and not damaging to the world around us, I think this is fantastic because I try to use protects which are full of nasty chemicals.

Price – £10 + £2.95 (p&) per month but there are several subscription options.


This is also a relatively new edition to the market. This is a bit different to other beauty boxes, once you’ve signed up, you have access to the Boutique and you get to pick the type of box you want. In the different boxes there are different products. All boxes contain five products. I think this box is particularly interesting because you can chose the type of box you want which means you’re more likely to get products you want to try and you’re not stuck with stuff you don’t want. The box also allows you to collect Pamper Points which eventually can earn you a free box.

Price – £10 + p&p


One of the most famous beauty boxes, it’s two years old this year. The box contains five products each month, either minis or full sizes and there is a really wide range brands included. If you’ve never had a beauty box before, Glossybox is a safe bet because it’s time on the market and it’s reputation means there are a range of brands and fantastic products. Also, the box makes a brilliant gift because the packing and presentation is top-notch.

Price – £10 + £2.95 (p&p)

Miss Glossybox

Recently Glossybox launched another box aimed at younger beauty fans, I think it’s really good idea and would make a great gift. I really want a Miss Glossybox. I think it’s every second month opposed to the monthly Glossybox.

Price – £7 + £2.95

Latest In Beauty

I think this box is forgotten, there is two types the Little Beauty Box (little sample, it costs £1.50 by text message for p&p) and Luxury Samples. The boxes contain a good selection of products and brands. It’s cheap and a great way to try something before you buy the full size.

Prices start at £1.50


This used to be Joliebox, this is one of the original beauty boxes. It usually has around five products, sometimes there are full size but they are usually samples and more generous sized samples. The brands are a mix of real high end and more mid-range brands. I also really like the little bag the products comes in

Price – £12.95 including p&p

Do you like beauty boxes?


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