Top Coat #1 – Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat

I rarely stray from my Nails Inc, Kensington Top Coat but I ran out so I thought I would give something else a go. Sally Hansen is one of those staple brands and there are some good products but this wasn’t one of them.

It’s quite difficult for a top coat to be disappointing because it’s colourless and it’s only there to protect nail polish but the problem with this is the formula, it’s very wet and it kinda drags the nail polish off the nail. It says you can apply it to wet nail polish, I did that the first time I used it because I thought it would save time but it actually removed my nail polish and coloured the brush. The next time I used it my nails were touch dry but the minute the brush touched my nails, the polish was wet again and it smudged. I finally discovered it has to be applied when the nail polish is completely dry. It claims to extend wear and leaves nail super shiny, I didn’t see any difference in shine and I don’t think it prolonged my nail polish wear but it didn’t shorten my manicure or dull my polish.

It’s not a terrible product but there are better top coats out there at a similar price, for example, the Rimmel and Revlon top coats are fantastic value for money. It’s £6.39 which means its not the most expensive top coat but it’s not the cheapest. Have you tried it? What do you think?


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