Balance Me Exfoliating Polish

I really like the brand Balance Me, I’m using more and more of their products, I like the ethos of the brand and the products are top notch. I’ve tried a few items from the body care range and liked each one of them, especially the Rose products. I’m not fussy over body products, I’m not the type of person to spend a fortune on a shower gel but every now and then I do like to buy a something a bit high end so when I ran out of my body scrub I bought this one.

The packaging is very minimal and easy to open and store. The scrub smells like spearmint and the grains are quite small but really effective, when it applied to damp skin and buffed into the skin, it removes all dead skin cells and leaves skin very soft and moisturised and because of the coconut and sweet almond oil I can skip body cream. I think this would be great if you fake tan because it’s very thorough and hydrating but it doesn’t leave an oily residue but I don’t fake tan so I’m not an expert. I’ve been using this twice a week for the past four weeks and my skin has never felt or looked better, I’m really pleased I bought it and I would probably repurchase it. It isn’t the cheapest body scrub on the market but I think it’s well worth the money, it leaves the skin soft and healthy feeling and it’s free from chemical nasties.

It’s £15 for 220ml and available from the Balance Me website


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