The Body Shop Grapeseed Glossing Serum

I’m a little wary of using serums on my hair, serums always seem to weigh down my hair and leaves it looking a bit greasy and flat but I regularly buy a new one to try. I like Body Shop hair care, I’ve never disliked a product I’ve bought and the quality is always very good. I don’t have particularly frizzy or unruly hair but I have a real problem with flyaway hair. I apply a tiny amount of this to styled, I use about half a pump (I have medium length, medium texture hair) and I apply to the mid-lengths and ends. It leaves my hair shiny and smooth but not lifeless and it doesn’t leave a horrible coating over the hair and like all Body Shop products it smells really nice.
Overall, I would recommend this to anyone that needs something to tame hair and flyaways but doesn’t want something which will their hair feeling full of product.
It’s £7 for 75ml and is available from The Body Shop


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