Origins No Puffery Roll On

For me the summer means one thing, red, puffy eyes from dreaded hay fever. I’ve tried lots of things for puffy eyes in the morning, eye creams, cold tea bags and cold spoons, these methods do work but I would like something quick and easy to use first thing in the morning and throughout the day. This year, the perfect product has been launched, No Puffery Roll On.

I already have the No Puffery Eye Mask and I really like it, for the mornings or at home it’s perfect but this roll on is ideal for on the go. It comes in a tube with a roll-on applicator which makes it super easy to use and it really does instantly reduce puffiness and it feels very soothing on the under eye area, perfect for tried eyes. I’ve also been using it throughout the day when my eyes feel horrible from hay fever, I’ve applied over make-up and it hasn’t destroyed my concealer or foundation.

Overall, I really like this product and it’s small and convenient to use during the day and you can always rely on Origins for good eye products. It’s £24 for 15ml and is available from the Origins website.


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