Pommade Divine

I really like multi-purpose products, it’s more convenient to have one product which I can use on my lips, cuticles and any dry patches than carrying around a heap of different products. I’ve used Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream for as long as I can remember but I wanted to try out something else.
I know the packaging of something shouldn’t matter but I really like the old fashioned tube, it looks like something from a old chemist shop. The smell is much better than other multi-use products, it smells like cloves and cinnamon, it reminds me of Christmas. It’s a thick cream which works perfectly as a lip balm but I’ve also been using on my cuticles and it’s made them really soft, it doesn’t feel oily, it feels like a thick moisturiser.
I really love this and as soon as I run out I will be buying another, it does everything and it smells good. I found it on Cult Beauty and it comes in various different sizes, I think the three mini tubes is perfect for keeping in each bag.

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