Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia

I love perfume, it’s one of my favourite beauty products but I’m really fussy when it comes to fragrances, I don’t like anything too heavy or overpowering, I prefer lights, fresh scents.

I’m a massive Jo Malone fan, if I could, I would have every perfume but that’s not financially possible. The latest edition to my perfume collection is English Pear and Freesia and it’s absolutely beautiful. Firstly, I really like the bottles of Jo Malone perfumes, I like the simplicity of the bottles and packaging. I like floral perfumes but I don’t like perfume to be too sweet and I always thought I didn’t like fruity scents but this is just perfection. The top note is King William Pear, the heart note is white freesia and the base note is patchouli. The smell is light, fresh and a perfect balance between floral and fruit. When I first sprayed it, the pear was the strongest element but once it dried down, it was a lovely fresh freesia, it’s very delicate and feminine. I love Jo Malone fragrances because of their simplicity, I always feel the perfumes smell exactly like the name. The longevity is pretty good, it lasted on me for about six hours which I think is really good.

Like all Jo Malone scents, this comes in 30ml and 100ml sizes and there is a matching body wash and body cream. I really recommend you go and smell the fragrance, you won’t be disappointed.

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