Charles Worthington Moisture Sealer Shampoo and Conditioner

I’ve just finished these two products and I have a stock of hair care products so I wasn’t in a rush to buy these again but once I started using other products I realised how brilliant this combination was. I’m a massive fan of Charles Worthington hair products, especially since the brand re-launched their products.

Moisture Sealer is designed to hydrate hair and is suitable for all hair types, even coloured hair. I don’t have particularly dry hair but I do heat style my hair almost daily so I use product to hydrate my hair before it dries out. The shampoo and conditioner smells amazing, all the Charles Worthington products smell good.

The products are very hydrated, after I’ve used them, my hair feels very soft and managed and the shine is unbelievable. It looks like I’ve just had my hair done at a salon.

I’ve repurchased another set of these products and I can’t see myself using anything else for a while because both products are just brilliant.

The Charles Worthington range is available at Boots and the shampoo and conditioner is priced at £5.99.


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