Dior Addict Eau Delice

Dior fragrances are some of the best in the market, the package is beautiful, the wear time is brilliant and the scents are divine.

The latest edition to the Addict family is Eau Delice is no disappointment but it is slightly different to the rest of the offerings within the family. The top notes are cranberries, orange, cherries and bergamot. The heart notes are Ylang Ylang, Indian and Egyptian Jasmine, rose and bitter almonds and finally the base notes are white mask, vanilla and ceder. For me, this fragrance is quite a departure from the other Addict fragrance, this one is sweeter and more fruity.

On me when it’s first sprayed it smells quite sour because of the sour cranberries and this smell lasted for about forty-five minutes before it settled to a sweet, berry smell. I couldn’t pick up the musk note but I could get the Jasmine and vanilla but when I wear perfume with vanilla, it tends to stay quite strong and sweet but perfume smells differently on everyone. I don’t think this would appeal to people who dislike sweet perfume. The fragrance is very soft and light and the longevity is average for an EDT, it lasted about four hours on me before it faded to nothing.

Overall, it’s a lovely summer scent which is perfect for the sunny weather.


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