Balance Me Face Wash

I’m not the biggest fan of face washes because they tend to contain sodium lauryl sulphate which is an artificial foaming agent and can be drying on the skin but this face wash is from one of my favourite beauty brands and it came free with this month’s Glamour so it was the perfect opportunity to give it a try.

Balance Me is a really nice beauty brand, the products are as natural as possible and it’s not the most expensive brand out there but the products are really good quality. I’ve already tried the Balm cleanser and I really liked it, it’s a very thorough cleanser but it leaves the skin soft and moisturised so I had high hopes for the face wash.

This face wash is free from sulphates and all other nasties, such as, mineral oil, parabans, silicones and artificial colours and fragrance. It’s very gentle on the skin but it removes all make-up without feeling harsh and like it’s stripping the skin of moisture and oil. I been using it by putting a small amount on a damp hands but applying to dry skin and the massaging it  to remove make-up and general dirt and then removing it with a damp face cloth and it works really well. I really like it and I would probably buy the full size but I do think if you wear quite heavy make-up this wouldn’t remove it.

It’s £16 for 125ml from the Balance Me website but you can get a 50ml free with the August edition of Glamour Magazine.


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