Laura Geller Spackle Primers

Laura Geller makeup is a really hidden gem in the world of make-up in UK, until a few weeks ago it had only been available in UK through QVC but now Cult Beauty is stocking the range of primers but sadly not the rest of the makeup. Laura Geller made her name of as makeup artist to the stars and she now has her own range of products and makeup studio in New York.

The range is renowned for primers, I’ve tried the transparent Spackle and it’s amazing at creating a smooth surface for makeup to stick to and it genuinely helps make-up to last and it blurs pores and fine lines. Champagne is the primer currently in my collection, it might seem a bit scary using a primer with qualities of a highlighter but it doesn’t look glittery and sparkly, it makes the glow with health and it has the qualities of the transparent version. I think the Laura Geller primers are great all round products and they’ve never broke me, I really recommend them. The Eye Spackle is also pretty amazing, not only does it help eye shadow last, it evens out any redness or discoloration on the eyelids.

Hopefully more Laura Geller products will come to Cult Beauty, the blushes are really good as is the lipsticks, the eyeliners and the Balance and Brighten.

The transparent and Champagne primers are available from Cult Beauty and the Eye Spackle is available as part of a trio with lip and transparent Spackle. If you’re thinking about trying more of the products, have a look at the QVC website because they have a larger selection.

Have you tried Laura Geller? What do you think?

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