Balance Me Balancing Face Moisturiser

balance me moistuiser

I find it difficult to find a day cream I like, I want it to be light and easily absorbed without any shiny or tacky residue, I’ve never found one I really love. Balance Me is one of my favourite companies, every product I’ve tried I’ve loved, the products do not disappoint.

balance me moisturiser 2

I really like the mini versions Balance Me sells because it’s a good way to try a product without getting the full size in case you don’t like it, I wish more companies would do mini versions of their products. I want a moisturiser to be incredibly light, I want my skin to absorb it instantly and I don’t want a shiny or tacky residue. This day cream is absolutely perfect, it’s very light and it sinks in immediately and provides enough moisture without clogging pores and it feels very soothing on the skin, like it’s helping to keep my skin under control. It also makes a really good make-up base.

If you have oily skin but needs some hydration and don’t want anything heavy, this is perfect, I’ve ordered the full size.


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