Marc Jacobs Honey

Honey is the latest addition to the Marc Jacobs fragrance line and if you’re a Marc Jacobs fan, you will definitely not be disappointed with this offering. The packaging is very similar to Dot and Daisy, the bottle is beautiful for a dressing table and it sets itself apart from the others with bee inspired detailing.

I didn’t think I would like this fragrance because honey based fragrances tend to be very sweet and little sickly but this doesn’t smell strongly of honey, it’s more fruity. One of the base notes is honey but it is counteracted with heart notes of orange blossom and peach and top notes of pear and mandarin orange and this makes the fragrance more fruity and fresh than heavy and sweet.

The longevity is pretty good too, I managed to get five hours without reapplying. Overall, it’s a perfect fragrance if you want a light, fruity fragrance. It’s priced at £50 for 50ml and £68 for 100ml.

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