Jo Loves Pomelo

I love any fragrances designed by the perfume genius that is Jo Malone but I had never smelt this until recently but now I absolutely adore it.

The top notes are Pink Pomelo and Rose, the heart notes are Clove and Vetiver and the base notes are Suede and Patchouli. It smells predominantly of grapefruit but it’s quite zesty and tangy, a bit like a lemon, but the vetiver and patchouli adds woody, earthy tone to scent which makes a more grown up and warm. I think Pomelo would suit most people because it’s fruity and sweet but it’s very fresh and light and can work well for day and night. The sillage is pretty, I got six hours without reapplying.

Like all Jo Loves fragrances the bottle and box is simple and elegant and would make a perfect present. It is quite expensive, the 30ml is £45 and £95 for the 100ml but with Jo Loves you know you’re paying for quality fragrances.


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