Balance Me Radiance Face Oil

balance me radiance oil

Facial oils were never a product I thought I would like because I don’t like the texture of oils on the skin and I know certain oils are good for combination skin but I don’t like the oily feeling. However, my mind has  been changed thanks to Balance Me.

I don’t need to say how much I like Balance Me, I already use several of their products on a daily basis. I had a mini version of the oil because it came as part of one of their gift sets but I never used it until recently, I read quite a bit online about the oil helping with congested skin and redness left behind from blemishes and I can honestly say, it’s amazing.

I never use spot treatments because I’ve never found one that works but I been applying this to any blemishes and it’s gone in half the time. After blemishes have gone I’m sometimes left with red marks that takes months to fade but this has radically reduced the redness in about four weeks, I’m hoping the redness will be completely gone soon.

If you suffer from blemishes, I cannot recommend this enough, I’ve since bought the rollerball and I will never be without it.

Special Note – Balance Me will soon be available from Debenhams.


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