Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover Maximum Strength

Sally Hansen Maximum Cuticle Remover with title

I love anything nail related but I do find cuticles incredibly annoying, mine are dry and need regular maintenance to keep everything tidy and presentable but cuticles are there for a reason, cuticles protect the nail from dirt. If the cuticles are dry and flaking then the nail will be the same, thus cuticle maintenance is a must for good nails. I never cut my cuticles or use trimmers, I soak my nails and use a cuticle stick to push them back or I use something to break down the cuticle (Striptease by Nails Inc and Leighton Denny’s Remove and Rectify is really good).

Sally Hansen already has a cuticle remover on the market in the UK, the Gel Cuticle Remover (green tube) but it’s not amazing, it’s ok but not something I would repurchase. The Maximum Strength version has only recently became available in the UK and I have to say it’s much better than other formula. It really does dissolve the cuticle in no time at all, I have reasonably stubborn cuticle and this gets rid of them. I put a thin layer around the cuticle and leave for around fifteen seconds and then I use a damp flannel to remove the cuticle and the excess gel.

Overall, I really like this and I would recommend buying, it is quite hard to find I haven’t seen it on the Boots or the Superdrug website but it is in some stores for £7.99 but you can get it cheaper online.


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