New Brand Alert: Cheeky

Cowshed is one of my favourite brands, I adore the hand creams and hand washes and they make a great little manicure sets which makes brilliant gifts. Cheeky is described at the naughty little sister of Cowshed and I have to say I’m very excited about the launch.

Cheeky has just recently opened a beauty parlour in Shoreditch doing a file and polish for £12 and you get to keep the polish (bargain in my opinion) and hair blow dries. However, I am more excited about the new products, judging from what I can online there is a wide range of body products like moisturisers and oils and haircare all at affordable prices with delicious sounding scents. I think the range is launching in October in Superdrug and the website for the brand goes live around the same time.

For more information, you sign up on the website for more information and you can follow on Twitter (@urcheeky) for more updates.


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