Estee Lauder Modern Muse EDP Review

Modern Muse is perhaps the most interesting perfume launch of the year, unlike most perfumes which just launch with a description of the scent, Modern Muse has a concept behind the perfume. This year I’ve discovered a lot of perfumes but I think this one is my favourite.

This perfume isn’t just one perfume, it’s a blend of two accords – Sparkling Jasmine and Sleek Wood to create a perfume which is representative of the different elements of a woman’s life so the Jasmine is the feminine side and the Wood represents female independence.

The perfume is a floral but it’s not old fashioned, it’s modern and chic and a little bit fruity with a slight sweetness. The base notes of patchouli, amber and musk makes the perfume very modern and appropriate for day and night but the top and middle notes of various fruits and flowers make it feminine and appropriate for wearing it during the day. One of the base notes is vanilla and I usually avoid perfumes with vanilla because they tend to be very sweet and little bit generic smelling but this does not smell like vanilla in any way, so if you avoid vanilla like me, try this perfume. The sillage is really good, I’ve wore for it over ten hours and I could still smell and other people could smell it and I love the design of the bottle, the blush pink and black is very feminine and pretty for a dressing table.

Prices start at £44  and is available from all Estee Lauder Counters.


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