Clinique Superbalm Lip Treatment

I love lip balm, I have too many lip balms to count but I have dry lips pretty much all the time so I always have lip balms close by but when it comes to winter everyone needs to heavy duty lip balm.

Lots are lip balms are good if you just want a bit of moisturise and there other lip balms for pretty badly chapped lips and then there are other lip balms which for seriously dry, chapped lips. Superbalm is for lips which chapped and sore from the cold weather.

It does seem pricey for a lip balm at £13 but if have really dry, chapped lips this will save them and get them back to normal and then you can another cheaper lip balm to for hydration and moisture maintenance. It is quite glossy but I quite like the glossiness because it gives lips a nice sheen because usually really chapped lips can’t wear lip products because it highlights the dryness.

I really love this and this will help my lips survive the cold weather.


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