Catwalk Oatmeal and Honey Intense Mask

I love a good hair mask and I really feel they help repair all of the damage I put my hair through. I’m pretty devoted to my Philip Kingsley Elasticizer but I think this is challenging it’s position.

I really like Tigi hair care, I’m currently using a Tigi Recovery shampoo and conditioner and I really like it. This is quite new and I love it. Firstly, it smells amazing and it leaves a really nice smell on my hair and it lasts. It’s designed to replenish moisture and help repair damaged hair and I can honestly say it does. My hair has never felt softer or looked shiny since I’ve been using this. I use twice a week but I use of lot of heat styling on my hair and while hair is damaged, it needs a little TLC. I really love this and I’ve bought the matching shampoo and conditioner and I’ll be using when my bottles of Recovery run out.

I really love this hair mask and I think I’ve found a new favourite. It’s currently on offer on Beauty Bay so it’s a perfect time to give a try.


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