All In One Nail Products – Barry M 3 in 1

barry m all in one with
When I paint my nails, I usually use a separate top and base coat but sometimes all in one products are just easier, quicker and cheaper. This is the cheapest multiuse nail product at only £2.99 but like all Barry M nail products, it’s really good.
This is advertised as a base coat, nail hardener and top coat in one product. In terms of a base coat, it prevents any staining from nail polish but it doesn’t level out ridges but I don’t think any general base coats do much for ridges. For a top coat, it leaves my nail polish glossy and shiny and it doesn’t chip. As for a nail hardener, I don’t have particularly weak nails but so I don’t know how much it helps harden nails but I do think it helps keep nails strong and a bit more resilient to potential breakages.
Overall, I think this is a great bargain product and it doesn’t exactly what it says on the tin.

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