Snowman Nail Art

snowman nail art with title

Snowman Nail Art
I’m not the best at nail art but I do like doing basic designs. This is my attempt at a snowman nail art design. I’ve used the Rimmel nail tip whitener for the base. I used this white because its the only one I own. On top of the white, I applied the Rimmel glitter top coat, the glitter isn’t necessary but I like it because it gives the frosty dimension of snow. I love the Rimmel glitter top coat because the brush is really wide and the glitter applies really well because its a fine glitter not a chunky glitter.Β Also, I fine quite difficult to find good glitter top coats. I used the Rimmel Black Cab for the coal for the eyes and smile and for the carrot I used Rimmel Tangy Tangerine but any alternatives would work.

I hope you like this design and I’m attempt to upload more easy Christmas designs. Also, let me know of any other good glitter top coats, I’m always looking for new glitter top coats!

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