Real Techniques Stippling Brush

RT Stippling Brush 1 with title

RT Stippling Brush 2 with title

I, like most people, love the Real Techniques brushes. I have a quite few of them already and I use them almost everyday. The Stippling Brush is the latest edition to my collection. I used to have the Sigma stippling brush and I really wasn’t a fan because it made foundation look heavy and cakey. I decided to get the Real Techniques version to apply cream blusher.

The Real Techniques brushes are my favourites because they’re synthetic, I’m not a fan of natural bristles. I’ve found this brush is the best way to apply cream blush because it applies easily and blends into skin to look like a natural flush.

I also used to apply foundation and its amazing. This brush made my foundation look flawless but completely natural and unperceivable on the skin. I was so pleased with the results, I’ve bought another just for foundation.

Like all Real Techniques brushes, it’s really easy to clean and it dries super quick.

The Stippling Brush is £11.99, which I think is a great price for brush of such good quality


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