New Real Techniques Launches

Real Techniques is probably the best budget brush range and in my opinion can rival some high end brush ranges. If you watch the Pixiwoo Sisters, you’ll know that Nicola has recently joined her sister in the brush range and there are going to be some new launches. From what I can gather online some of the new launches have already hit US shops, there seems to be four new brushes added to the original line up. I found them on the Ulta website so if your going to States it might be worth checking to see if you can get your hands on them.

The most of interesting of the brushes is the Silicone Eye Liner Brush which is designed to make gel and cream liner application smoother and gentler on the eyelid. I’ve never heard of a silicone eye liner brush but I’m intrigued to give it a try. The other three brushes in the range are retractable which are great for chucking in handbags because they have lids to keep them clean. There is a retractable Kabuki Brush, Bronzing Brush and Lip Brush (this would be great for applying concealer on the go).

I don’t know when or if these are going to hit UK shops but hopefully it will be soon.

I can’t find a link for the lip brush.


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