Book Review: I Heart Christmas by Lindsey Kelk

I Heart Christmas by Lindsey Kelk with title

Every Christmas, I trawl Waterstones for new Christmas books, not for gifts, for me to read to get in the festive mood (not that I need any help!). I already have a quite a few Christmas paperbacks but I always look for new releases. At Christmas I look for really cheery, humorous Christmas stories.
I Heart Christmas is latest instalment of the Angela Clarke series by Lindsey Kelk. I didn’t realise this book was part of a series, I don’t usually buy random books from a series because I like to start at the first book. However, it didn’t matter that I hadn’t read any other books because the story is easy to pick up.

Angela Clarke loves Christmas, she’s planned her perfect Christmas in New York. She’s planned everything from the tree and dinner to treats from Marks and Spencer to remind her of home and everything seems to be perfect until her life starts to change. Firstly, she gets promoted then she moves house and just when she thinks life is hectic enough, her friends and family turn up on her doorstep.

I really liked this book. I read it over two days because I found very easy to keep reading, I thought it was charming and humorous, especially the air vent situation. I really liked how festive it is. Some Christmas books aren’t that Christmassy but this is really festive and I loved the descriptions of New York. The characters are very easy to like, I particularly liked the passages involving Angela friends, Louisa and Jenny.

I thought this book was really enjoyable and I intend to read more Lindsey Kelk’s books.

Have you read any of the I Heart series? What do you think?


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