2013 Beauty Favourites

2013 Favourites with title

2013 is over so that means it’s time to look back at the beauty products which hit the stores this year. I’ve only included new products to have launched this year and I haven’t followed categories because there were products which simply could not outdo some all time favourites. But, the products I’ve picked really are the best of the year for me.

Rimmel Retro Glam

I’m slightly addicted to buying new mascaras when they launch, I’m always on the search for the absolute perfect mascara (I’ve probably already found but I can’t stop myself buying more). I really like the wand on this mascara, it’s shaped like a hourglass which means it catches every lash for some serious volume. I have a full post on the original Retro Glam and a post on the Extreme version.


Revlon Lash Potion

I know its cheating to have two mascara but I have to include this one. This mascara gives proper volume in one brush stroke.

Maybelline Baby Lips

I know they’re just a lip balm but I really love them and I admit I’ve bought all six. My favourites are Hydrate (blue), Intensive (yellow) and Peachy Kiss. In America, the range has expanded to include the Dr Rescue range which is design to help properly chapped lips, I’m hoping these will come to the UK soon.

Bourjois Cream Blushes

Before Bourjois launched these cream blushes, it was really difficult to find good, affordable cream blushes. These are a cream to powder formula, the shades are really nice, I have one and three and I love both, they’re easy to blend and look super natural.

Sally Hansen Maximum Strength Cuticle Remover

I’ve tried loads of cuticle removers but this is the best I’ve tried. I was initially sceptical about it but it’s great. It is a bit expensive if you buy it from Boots but you can get it cheaper online.

Rimmel Space Dust Nail Polishes

As a rule of thumb, I don’t like textured nail polish but these are incredible. I have Moon Walking and Aurora and I love both. They’re super glitterly and sparkly and the texture is not annoying to touch and it doesn’t look gloopy.


What are you’re favourites products of the year?


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