Benefit Creaseless Cream in Birthday Suit

creaseless cream with title 1

After countless trips to the Benefit counter, I finally took the plunge and bought my first Creaseless Cream late last year and I can safely say it’s started an addiction. I always wanted Birthday Suit but I just felt £15.50 was a little too much for a cream eye shadow but I caved and bought it last November and I love it.

Firstly, I love the little cardboard box it comes in, I like the 1920s style packaging and I think it quite unique.

birthday suit

Birthday Suit is described as Brushed Chrome, I don’t think this description does the shade justice. It’s a really pretty light brown with a golden taupe undertone which makes a perfect all over the lid shade or a base for other shadows. It is quite shimmery and glitterly but it’s perfectly appropriate for day wear, it’s not over the top.

birthday suit 2

I wear this shade almost everyday and I can safely say it does not crease or fade during the day. It doesn’t set like other cream shadows but it’s still long lasting. These can be used as a liner too but I don’t think this shade works to line the eyes, I think the darker shades would be better.

birthday suit 3

I love this shadow and I’ve bought a couple more since this one and I really like them. Have you tried the Creaseless Creams?


6 thoughts on “Benefit Creaseless Cream in Birthday Suit

  1. I didn’t know Benefit had creaseless cream shadows…! I think I get distracted by all the bronzers & blushers & highlighters etc etc, but definitely good to know!! Isn’t their packaging so pretty too?? Honestly, the Benefit line caught my eye the very first time because of the cute packaging haha

    • The packaging was the first thing that attracted me to Benefit too! I love the Creaseless Creams, I’m trying to avoid them so I’m not tempted to buy any more! 🙂

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