Book Review: Amelia Grey’s Fireside Dream by Abby Clements

Amelia Grey envisions her future in a country housewife in a beautiful, cosy cottage with her husband Jack but in reality she’s a teacher living in a tiny one bedroom flat in London but then her dream comes true. Or, does it? Her dream cottage turns out to be a far from idyllic money vacuum which consumes every waking moment, pushing their marriage to breaking point.

Abby Clements isn’t an author I had read before and I have to say I don’t know if I would read anymore. Its a lovely story, I’m drawn to books set in the countryside during autumn and winter so it was a winner for me in that respect. I felt the story started off great, I enjoyed learning about Amelia through her friends and I think Clements is great at setting the scene, her writing is very descriptive and I could visualise exactly what she was trying to portray. My favourite part of the story was the short passages describing the history of certain aspects of the cottage and I would’ve liked more of this. My only issue with the story is the other threads which never seem to intertwine with the rest of the story. There’s Amelia’s friend whose expecting a baby and this causes Amelia and Jack to question their future with or without children but I felt this was an unnecessary diversion from the main story. Then there is Amelia’s mother and half-sister. I felt these stories were rather underdeveloped and I felt they didn’t do anything to improve the central plot. I think the story was interesting enough without adding in other secondary characters. I would have preferred the story to have focused on Jack and Amelia’s experience renovating a house with more sections on the history of the cottage and the objects left behind by the previous owners.

I don’t think this book will suit everyone. I think there are people who will find the story a little unrealistic and maybe a little annoying and a little too predictable but if you’re after an easy read on a rainy afternoon, this is perfect.

Have you read Amelia Grey’s Fireside Dream? What did you think?


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