Clinique Superdefence Moisturiser

clinque with title
I don’t know about anyone else but I struggle to find a moisturiser I love. I feel moisturisers are too heavy, or not hydrating enough or there’s no SPF for daily use or I’m wary of the ingredients but I can safely I’ve found my favourite moisturiser.

I’ve been a fan of Clinique for years, I feel very safe with Clinique because the Three Step System changed my blemish prone. I’ve never had a reaction with Clinique and all of the products are allergy tested.

This is the reformulated Superdefence which launched just after Christmas. I had tried the original Superdefence and I really liked it and just when I was about repurchase it, the new one launched. From what I can see online, the new one has an SPF of 20, whereas, the original had 25 and this one has more antioxidants. I have the one aimed at oily combination to oily skin and I think its perfect for my skin. The texture is light and easily absorbed but its hydrating but not greasy.

I think it makes the perfect day moisturiser because it sits nicely under makeup and it has SPF 20 and UVA/UVB protection which is great for this time of year. This is part of the age prevention range and I don’t think it’s ever too early to start fighting the signs of aging. There is also a Superdefence for Eyes which I really want but I’m going to have to save up my Boots points for that purchase!

Have you tried Superdefence? What do you think?


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