Book Review: The Moment by Claire Dyer

Fern is rushing through Paddington station in the morning rush hour to meet a friend while Elliot is rushing through Paddington station at the same time to get to Wales to see his father but the two bump into each other. Fern and Elliot used to be a couple at university but since their breakup twenty-five ago they’ve never seen each other until this particularly morning. Both are shocked to see each other and both spend the day reminiscing about their relationship and days gone by. They decide to meet up later that day but both of them know this meeting could change their lives forever. The Moment is a “what if” story, Fern and Elliot question what their lives would have been like if they never parted.

I felt think this book instantly pulled me in and griped your attention because I wanted to know about this couple’s history. Despite the complete story happening in one day, I feel you learn everything about the characters, I think this is helped by the flashback sections being told by both character’s perspective. The flashbacks highlight how different people perceive a situation, in some cases Elliot and Fern remember events almost identically but differently in others.  Dyer’s writes fantastically, the fact she managed to cram in twenty-five years of memories into a day of thoughts is incredible, she has enough detail to tell the story but she doesn’t go over the top with thoughts and feelings. I also enjoyed the references to 1980s pop culture, I thought it helped set their relationship in the context of time and it appreciated the importance of culture. I think some romance stories tend to skim over culture and society. I think the ending will divide readers because there is no real conclusion but I won’t give any spoilers!

I enjoyed and I think it’s worth a read and I think there is something for everyone in the story.


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