Clinique Nail Polish in Concrete Jungle

Clinique Concrete Jungle nail polish beige nude nails senstive skin

I’ve officially banished my autumnal shades in favour of more nude shades. Recently, I’ve became obsessed with beige and grey polishes, I don’t know why but I’m loving these polishes right. Concrete Jungle is a grey/beige polish with a white base I think looks really chic and understated. A little note about Clinique polishes, I struggled to find reviews about the quality about the polishes so I thought I would mention it. Theses polishes do not chip, I’ve wore this shade for five days without a chip, I think that’s pretty incredible. The finish is glossy and they paint really easily without any streaking and the formula isn’t gloopy. Perhaps the best thing about Clinique polishes is the range is designed for people who are allergic to the normal polishes so now everyone can enjoy nail polish. Even if you’re not allergic to regular polish, I really recommend trying these polishes, the quality is amazing and the shade range is great.


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