Favourite Beauty Websites #1

I have to admit I spend most of time online either looking at beauty products or reading beauty products. There are a lot of websites, blogs and shopping sites I regularly look at so I thought I would do a series of posts about my favourites. This post is about my favourite beauty websites and next week I’ll do my favourite beauty blogs and the week later my favourite beauty shopping websites.

Get The Gloss

Get The Gloss is an online beauty magazine, covering everything from beauty to fashion to health and fitness to book reviews. I really like how the website is arranged, it’s easy to navigate and design is lovely. I can’t recommend the website enough, I wish there were more beauty magazine websites like this one because it’s well written and it makes great reading.

What’s In My Handbag

If your favourite kind of blog post and youtube video is a What’s In My Handbag, then this website is perfect for you. I can spend hours going through the back catalogue of all the people who’ve tipped out the contents of their bag, even though I’ve read them all before! WIMH has anyone who anyone in fashion and beauty, everyone from makeup artists like Bobbi Brown and Charlotte Tilbury to bloggers like Amelia Liana and Vivianna Does Makeup to television stars like Emma Willis. As a handbag addict, I love seeing people’s choice of handbag and I’ve discovered some great new products through the website. The site also offers readers the chance to try products from the handbag and there is great offers available. I love site but I do warn you, it’s easy to spend hours going through all the bags.


I don’t know if this a blog or beauty magazine but I love it. I’ve been this reading website for years, it has it’s own unique style of reviewing and giving tips, it’s like a friend is giving you the low down a new product and telling what to buy and what to avoid. Just after New Year, it seemed like Beaut.ie would be no more but at the last minute the site was saved and I’m incredibly grateful, I can’t imagine beauty reviews without Beaut.ie!

Nouvelle Daily

Kate from Ghostparties launched Nouvelle Daily a couple of years ago and I’ve been reading ever since. It doesn’t just cover beauty, it also has interior design ideas and recipes. The photography is gorgeous and the home and lifestyle section is inspiring, I particularly like the DIYs.

Paula’s Choice

If your looking for a particular ingredient or checking a product’s skincare credentials, this site is great. It has an index of ingredients and product reviews on skincare products.

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