Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturiser

bobbi brown tinted moisturiser alabaster light coverage pale skin

I’ve never heard anyone talk about the Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturiser so I thought I would do a little post on it. I’m a huge Bobbi Brown fan, I just love the products. I have the shade Alabaster which is the lightest shade but it’s slightly too yellow for my skin. I have cool toned skin but Bobbi Brown only uses yellow tones in her base products. Like most tinted moisturisers, it has SPF15 which is great for day to day use. The coverage is more than the average tinted moisturiser, it does even out skin tone but it won’t cover hyper-pigmentation, moderate redness, dark circles or blemishes so you will need a bit of concealer. I wouldn’t say the coverage is on the level of a light coverage foundation. The finish is very natural, it’s not dewy but it’s not matte, it’s more of a satin finish. My biggest problem is the wear time, I think after about five hours this is pretty much gone from my skin. I do find it very difficult to blend, the texture is quite thick. I don’t like using my fingers to apply foundation or tinted moisturiser but this is best way to apply this product and I don’t think you can apply this with a brush, every brush I’ve tried seems to absorb every bit of moisture in the product. I think this would be suitable for every skin type extreme really dry or really oily. My skin is a bit of everything, oily in the t-zone, dehydrated with the odd dry patch and this doesn’t make me shiny or cling to dry patches.

Overall, I do like this product but it’s not perfect and I would recommend Laura Mercier over this one.


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