Models Own Hypergel in Lilac Sheen

Lilac Sheen with title

I’ve been a fan of Models Own nail polishes for a long time and recently they launched a range of gel polishes and I’m always looking for super glossy nail polish. To celebrate the launch, there was 50% off everything on the website so I obviously had to buy a few things (really I mean lots and lots of nail polishes). I love lilac nail polish, I have more lilac polishes than I would care to admit but it’s a shade I love and I wear regularly. This is a lovely lilac shade with a white base so it’s almost lavender. The formula is fantastic, the finish is super shiny (the picture is without a topcoat) and I wore this for five days without any chipping. It paints really nicely, it’s not thick and gloopy like some gel polishes, it has the same consistency as a normal polish. I’m really hoping they’ll add more colours to the range because I can see myself buying more!

LS 2 with title

MO Lilac Sheen with title

Did you take advantage of the Models Own Sale? What did you pick up?


10 thoughts on “Models Own Hypergel in Lilac Sheen

  1. It’s a lovely shade! I love Models own polishes!

    I have a giveaway to win 4 of the hypergel polishes if you wanted to add more to your collection!?


  2. Oh I love models own I have a massive collection, just recently did a haul on my blog too 🙂
    I love this colour though, may have to purchase I am so tempted by all of the colours the gel range. They stay on for SO long!!

  3. Wow, that shade is stunning. I really like more muted, neutral colours so this would be perfect for me. I don’t actually have any lilac polish yet either, so I’ll definitely be getting this!


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