Skincare for Problem Skin

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No-one likes getting blemishes but they inevitably happen. When I do get breakouts or the odd blemish, I have a little collection of products I turn to. Firstly, I always use the Liz Earle Clay Mask to deeply cleanse my skin. This is my favourite clay mask, I feel and see a difference in my skin and I think this makes blemishes disappear a lot quick and its not at all drying. A recent edition is the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo +, I wasn’t a huge fan of the original but I decided to try this because it claims to help with the red marks left behind by spots. I don’t use this all over my face, just on the areas I have blemishes but it tends to dry my skin out a little but it does shorten the lifespan of blemishes and I think it does help prevent red marks. My skin tends to be a little dull when I have breakouts so I like to use a chemical exfoliating to get rid of dead skin cells and brighten up my complexion.  My current favourite the Balance Me Radiance Face Mask because its very gentle and it doesn’t aggravate my skin like some exfoliators. Once blemishes have gone, they can sometimes leave a little red mark so I massage the Trilogy Rose Hip Oil onto the scar and over time to mark fades. This is my favourite oil, its incredibly pure and its not that expensive. The Caudalie Beauty Elixir is a cult classic but its specifically good if you have breakouts because it contains Rosemary which is good for spots and acne. Finally, my beloved Balance Me Radiance Face Oil which has ran out. I use this as a spot treatment because it somehow manages to make blemishes disappear overnight with leaving a scar, it’s amazing. I’ve bought two of these  and I have another on order.

What are your go-to products for breakouts?


2 thoughts on “Skincare for Problem Skin

  1. I love Liz Earle products but they’re so expensive:( my skin has been freaking out like craazy lately. Lovely recommendations! Following you on Bloglovin 🙂 xxx

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