Beauty Bugbears

I love beauty products so I’ve tried lots of products and I own more cosmetics than I need but there are some things in the world of beauty that get on my nerves. I thinks the things I get annoyed by are quite so I thought I would list to see if anyone else agrees with me.

  1. I own a lot of nail polishes and I rarely finish a bottle of polish but I do finish bottles of top coats, base coats and nail straighteners quite often. But, I don’t actually get to finish said top coats, base coats and nail straighteners because the brush is never long enough to reach the bottom of the bottle so I always I have to through out about a quarter of a bottle. I really manufactures would realise this is a waste of money for consumers and make the brushes longer.
  2. After nail polish, mascara is my next biggest addiction. I struggle to resist buying the latest mascara launch because I’m always looking for the perfect mascara but I get annoyed at the price of drugstore mascaras in the UK. In the UK it’s not uncommon for a mascara to be over the £10 mark and I think this is a little ridiculous considering you can buy a foundation for £6. I also find it quite annoying when I read US bloggers and find the same mascara is half the UK selling in the US after the exchange rate. I think the companies should maybe lower their UK selling prices a little.
  3. SPF. I know the importance of wearing an SPF and I do wear it almost everyday but I absolutely hate how it feels on my skin. SPF always feels really thick and heavy and it causes breakouts. Last year I used the Kiehls Super Light SPF50 and it was fantastic but it is quite expensive. This year Benefit is launching a SPF45 with the consistency of a serum, I’m really looking forward to this and it’s nice to see other companies realising the texture of SPF is really off putting.
  4. I never buy a foundation without getting a sample first. I think it’s a little unfair of beauty companies to expect consumers to buy an expensive product without testing the product at home in your normal, everyday environment. I personally don’t like having makeup applied in a busy department store when people are queuing and others standing around the chair, I don’t mind if the shop is quite but I still won’t purchase without getting a sample. I think most brands realise most people feel like this and most brands are more than willing to give a sample but I know of one company which does not give out samples and this means  I won’t purchase the foundation.

Do you agree with any of these beauty bugbears or am I alone in feeling like this? What annoys you about cosmetics?



3 thoughts on “Beauty Bugbears

  1. I definitely agree about not buying foundation without a sample, particularly if you’re spending a lot of money. I like to test the foundation out to see it in different lights, how long it lasts and how it blends with the other products I use!

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