Manicure Must Haves

Manicure essentials with title

I paint my nails on average about three times a week, maybe more, but every Sunday night, I give myself an at home manicure and these are the products I rely on to get a salon finish every time. Before I paint my nails, I wipe nail polish remover over my nails, even if I’m not wearing polish, to clean the nail plate and remove any oils. Then I turn to my cuticles, I use the Sally Hansen Maximum Strength Cuticle Remover. It removes the cuticle in no time at all without pain or damage to the cuticle. I apply a tiny bit to my cuticles and then I buff a cotton wool pad over it remove the gel and the cuticle. Before I paint my nails I file them with my Leighton Denny Crystal Nail File. I love this nail file, I’ve wrote about it numerous times, I cannot recommend it enough, it’s the best investment for your nails. Then I buff my nails, I just use the cheap buffer from Boots and it works perfectly. After I buff my nails, I wash my hands to get rid of any residue and then I use a cotton pad with a little nail polish remover to get rid of any moisture on the nail plate. My current favourite base coat is Orly Bonder, when I use this I can get five days of wear without a single chip or wearing at the tip. If you have a problem with chipping, this is definitely to product for you because it dries matte to adhere the polish to the nail. Then I paint my nails with whatever colour I’m using then I use a top coat, my current favourite is the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat. I like this one because it dries super quick and it looks really glossy but it doesn’t chip instantly like some fast drying top coats.

What’s your at home manicure routine?

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